Social Rules

I’ve been told I can’t jump at or bite people pfft where’s the fun in that! The puppies I used to live with didn’t mind. The humans expect so much from me! Mummy says the last thing she wants is an antisocial pup. I would like to be let off my lead one day so I ought to play her game I suppose. I like treats and to be praised and I don’t get these if I’m naughty. But being naughty is so much fun. Take the other day for example (ssh Mummy still hasn’t realised) There’s a great big hole at the end of the garden which I dug! I’m so proud of myself it’s the first one I’ve ever made! Not sure what I’ll use it for I may ponder on this and let you know later. Haha here she is home from work now, better go I need cuddles and attention. Back later folks 🙂