I’ve found my voice!

Been home 9 weeks now at first I was shy. Slowly but surely I’ve grown in confidence. Mummy is pleased with my progress however the noise I make when alone has been a little antisocial. My bed has been moved to a different room in hope that I can’t hear the neighbours comings and goings because they work different hours to Mummy. After 7 days it seems to be ok, I can’t hear much movement. Although any noise unsettles me I do quickly settle after a while. We live in a mid terraced Victorian house, pretty sturdy construction but recently neighbours the other side have been waking up about 5am so of course my extra sensitive ears pick up the kitchen cupboards banging! Mummy is really tired because she runs down the stairs at any bark I make to ensure I’m not a nuisance! It’s like having another child she says! She never had this problem with my old Collie brother she says! Oh and did I mention breakfast! Breakfast most days is scrambled eggs! Eggs! I seem to love Eggs! They smell so amazing! I’ve been very demading so Mummy has stopped making scrambled eggs at breakfast. I have a sneaky feeling she’s tricking me and taking eggs elsewhere to be cooked! Toast with Marmite is not so appealing although I do look forward to the left over milk from the Human child’s cereal. This house I live in is so exciting! Love being here and I’m never going to leave! Arooo! Arooo!