Re-cycling Day!

Omg I’m so excited! The smell of Wednesday morning is truly A-mazing. I’m a crazy pup most days but today I’m totally uncontrollable! When we set out for our walk I was curious and smelt something rather delicious. Mummy was quick to think, she took us (my Collie brother and I) to the Brooky a shady footpath area away from the road. I was distracted by the squirrels and cyclists and soon forgot about the exciting smell. It was foggy this morning and the cobwebs had interestingly been sprinkled by dew drops. As we walked and scampered suddenly there it was again .. What is that super duper smell? We are getting closer to the road which can only mean one thing .. kerbside bins! There they were, the smelly men emptying the yummy smelly food waste into the big smelly truck! To me this is heaven sent .. I love Wednesday’s! Mummy always rinses the tins and bottles but most people don’t. I was so so lucky to find a dog food can which still had chunks of meat inside it .. dogtastic! Mummy screamed and dragged me away before I cut myself on the aluminium (she’s so boring sometimes). I also found cereal packets, milk bottles oh the list is endless. All I can say is roll on next week, I’m counting down the days 😃