I Need A Bath!

The sofa is already mine, in actual fact it was mine from the first day I came home. I’m so adorable my humans couldn’t say no although I smell doggy! They have no choice, I’m there regardless (unless the the door to the lounge is closed). The human child forgets sometimes so I seize my opportunity much to Mummy’s annoyance. I’ve christened every room, even upstairs. Not happy the baby gate has been re-instated at the top of the stairs, hmmmpfff. I sleep in a crate overnight in the kitchen and don’t mess in it. My blankets have been washed and replaced with a hygenic cushion. I laughed when the next clothes wash load came out of the machine covered in my short (hard to remove) hairs. Mummy shook out every item of human clothing in the garden but I have left my mark. Dark clothing looks so good decorated with my white and tan hair. I don’t see what she’s fussing about. Mummy thinks I need a bath but I disagree. Wonder who will win I expect we’ll have a tussle in the paddling pool soon. Don’t like the idea of cucumber shampoo, whatever next .. I’ll be offered salad for dinner!