3 Months Later!

My ultimate goal of taking over is coming along nicely. I’ve now been home 3 months and things are changing bit by bit. I am learning slowly to behave around human food, although some days are harder than others. There is too much temptation! Additions to my favourite human food list: Ham, pepperami, cream cheese, broccoli (strangely). Obviously I don’t get any of these its a list that I bark at in hope I get lucky! Mummy never gives in where food is concerned I only get to lick the empty plates *beagle sulks* boo hoo!

20131023-121017.jpg I told you the story of my noise pollution in the last blog and what steps Mummy took to help me be quiet … Well I was sleeping nicely overnight in my crate waking at 6.30am with a sharp bark to go into the garden. But I got bored of that so thought I’d spice it up a bit and move the goal posts (its always fun to do that) maybe just maybe my plan will work! *naughty beagle snorts* For the past 3 nights I’ve let the humans sleep until 4am then I bark. On every occasion I’ve been allowed upstairs so they can carry on sleeping. Mummy gets grumpy if she doesn’t sleep! Yesterday was such a bad day for Mummy she decided that in the name sleep deprivation there was only one thing for it … I would sleep upstairs!! 💥Bingo 💥JACKPOT 💥Yippee 💥I DID IT 💥Boom 💥 Here I am enjoying every single minute! *claps paws excitedly*

20131023-122850.jpg Until next time folks Aroooo !! Mmwah 🐶x


Social Rules

I’ve been told I can’t jump at or bite people pfft where’s the fun in that! The puppies I used to live with didn’t mind. The humans expect so much from me! Mummy says the last thing she wants is an antisocial pup. I would like to be let off my lead one day so I ought to play her game I suppose. I like treats and to be praised and I don’t get these if I’m naughty. But being naughty is so much fun. Take the other day for example (ssh Mummy still hasn’t realised) There’s a great big hole at the end of the garden which I dug! I’m so proud of myself it’s the first one I’ve ever made! Not sure what I’ll use it for I may ponder on this and let you know later. Haha here she is home from work now, better go I need cuddles and attention. Back later folks 🙂