Time of my Life!

It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve had the most exciting day ever and have to tell you.

I thought it strange that Sunday morning started differently than usual, we got straight into the car! My 12 year old Collie brother was going to spend the day with my Labrador cousin. But what about me? Where was I going? Have I been such a naughty Beagle I’m in a massive pile of trouble? Am I being sent away?

Little did I know an amazing surprise was waiting for me! We got to the beach in North Somerset about 11am. I waited for the humans to put on coats, scarves, hats and gloves .. Boy oh boy they don’t half fuss! Come on get me out of the car! Woof woof Aroo!

Finally I’m out but hmm hang on that’s rather strange .. There’s lots of my kind here .. Lots of Beagles!

I simply cannot hide my excitement! I’m sure Christmas has come early! Hello brother *wag wag* Hello sister *sniff sniff* Finally we’re off running together this way and that, into the dunes, jumping over each other, dodging humans. We run and play for 2 hours! I had the time of my life and made so many new fur friends!

The humans had a good old chin wag and made new friends aswell.

I could do this every day and still not be worn out! After we left I had a quick hours nap in the car then I was raring to go again .. Or maybe not .. Actually I am feeling pretty worn out. I’ll be running in my dreams tonight wishing you were all here with me. My new Beagle pals 😍 Zzzz

Thank you to Sarah McKinnon and Chloe Georgia Smith for allowing me to use a few of your photos x


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