Social Rules

I’ve been told I can’t jump at or bite people pfft where’s the fun in that! The puppies I used to live with didn’t mind. The humans expect so much from me! Mummy says the last thing she wants is an antisocial pup. I would like to be let off my lead one day so I ought to play her game I suppose. I like treats and to be praised and I don’t get these if I’m naughty. But being naughty is so much fun. Take the other day for example (ssh Mummy still hasn’t realised) There’s a great big hole at the end of the garden which I dug! I’m so proud of myself it’s the first one I’ve ever made! Not sure what I’ll use it for I may ponder on this and let you know later. Haha here she is home from work now, better go I need cuddles and attention. Back later folks πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Social Rules

  1. Humans are much more fragile than us puppies! They scream and yelp when we nip them just a little bit! It’s funny sometimes, I used to entertain myself that way when I was a little puppy…. hehehe!! But do be gentle with them especially the little ones and you will get heaps of treats and hugs and kisses in return! Congratulations on that great big hole, I think you deserve a huge treat for that! πŸ˜€

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