Time of my Life!

It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve had the most exciting day ever and have to tell you.

I thought it strange that Sunday morning started differently than usual, we got straight into the car! My 12 year old Collie brother was going to spend the day with my Labrador cousin. But what about me? Where was I going? Have I been such a naughty Beagle I’m in a massive pile of trouble? Am I being sent away?

Little did I know an amazing surprise was waiting for me! We got to the beach in North Somerset about 11am. I waited for the humans to put on coats, scarves, hats and gloves .. Boy oh boy they don’t half fuss! Come on get me out of the car! Woof woof Aroo!

Finally I’m out but hmm hang on that’s rather strange .. There’s lots of my kind here .. Lots of Beagles!

I simply cannot hide my excitement! I’m sure Christmas has come early! Hello brother *wag wag* Hello sister *sniff sniff* Finally we’re off running together this way and that, into the dunes, jumping over each other, dodging humans. We run and play for 2 hours! I had the time of my life and made so many new fur friends!

The humans had a good old chin wag and made new friends aswell.

I could do this every day and still not be worn out! After we left I had a quick hours nap in the car then I was raring to go again .. Or maybe not .. Actually I am feeling pretty worn out. I’ll be running in my dreams tonight wishing you were all here with me. My new Beagle pals 😍 Zzzz

Thank you to Sarah McKinnon and Chloe Georgia Smith for allowing me to use a few of your photos x


3 Months Later!

My ultimate goal of taking over is coming along nicely. I’ve now been home 3 months and things are changing bit by bit. I am learning slowly to behave around human food, although some days are harder than others. There is too much temptation! Additions to my favourite human food list: Ham, pepperami, cream cheese, broccoli (strangely). Obviously I don’t get any of these its a list that I bark at in hope I get lucky! Mummy never gives in where food is concerned I only get to lick the empty plates *beagle sulks* boo hoo!

20131023-121017.jpg I told you the story of my noise pollution in the last blog and what steps Mummy took to help me be quiet … Well I was sleeping nicely overnight in my crate waking at 6.30am with a sharp bark to go into the garden. But I got bored of that so thought I’d spice it up a bit and move the goal posts (its always fun to do that) maybe just maybe my plan will work! *naughty beagle snorts* For the past 3 nights I’ve let the humans sleep until 4am then I bark. On every occasion I’ve been allowed upstairs so they can carry on sleeping. Mummy gets grumpy if she doesn’t sleep! Yesterday was such a bad day for Mummy she decided that in the name sleep deprivation there was only one thing for it … I would sleep upstairs!! 💥Bingo 💥JACKPOT 💥Yippee 💥I DID IT 💥Boom 💥 Here I am enjoying every single minute! *claps paws excitedly*

20131023-122850.jpg Until next time folks Aroooo !! Mmwah 🐶x

I’ve found my voice!

Been home 9 weeks now at first I was shy. Slowly but surely I’ve grown in confidence. Mummy is pleased with my progress however the noise I make when alone has been a little antisocial. My bed has been moved to a different room in hope that I can’t hear the neighbours comings and goings because they work different hours to Mummy. After 7 days it seems to be ok, I can’t hear much movement. Although any noise unsettles me I do quickly settle after a while. We live in a mid terraced Victorian house, pretty sturdy construction but recently neighbours the other side have been waking up about 5am so of course my extra sensitive ears pick up the kitchen cupboards banging! Mummy is really tired because she runs down the stairs at any bark I make to ensure I’m not a nuisance! It’s like having another child she says! She never had this problem with my old Collie brother she says! Oh and did I mention breakfast! Breakfast most days is scrambled eggs! Eggs! I seem to love Eggs! They smell so amazing! I’ve been very demading so Mummy has stopped making scrambled eggs at breakfast. I have a sneaky feeling she’s tricking me and taking eggs elsewhere to be cooked! Toast with Marmite is not so appealing although I do look forward to the left over milk from the Human child’s cereal. This house I live in is so exciting! Love being here and I’m never going to leave! Arooo! Arooo!


Re-cycling Day!

Omg I’m so excited! The smell of Wednesday morning is truly A-mazing. I’m a crazy pup most days but today I’m totally uncontrollable! When we set out for our walk I was curious and smelt something rather delicious. Mummy was quick to think, she took us (my Collie brother and I) to the Brooky a shady footpath area away from the road. I was distracted by the squirrels and cyclists and soon forgot about the exciting smell. It was foggy this morning and the cobwebs had interestingly been sprinkled by dew drops. As we walked and scampered suddenly there it was again .. What is that super duper smell? We are getting closer to the road which can only mean one thing .. kerbside bins! There they were, the smelly men emptying the yummy smelly food waste into the big smelly truck! To me this is heaven sent .. I love Wednesday’s! Mummy always rinses the tins and bottles but most people don’t. I was so so lucky to find a dog food can which still had chunks of meat inside it .. dogtastic! Mummy screamed and dragged me away before I cut myself on the aluminium (she’s so boring sometimes). I also found cereal packets, milk bottles oh the list is endless. All I can say is roll on next week, I’m counting down the days 😃

Social Rules

I’ve been told I can’t jump at or bite people pfft where’s the fun in that! The puppies I used to live with didn’t mind. The humans expect so much from me! Mummy says the last thing she wants is an antisocial pup. I would like to be let off my lead one day so I ought to play her game I suppose. I like treats and to be praised and I don’t get these if I’m naughty. But being naughty is so much fun. Take the other day for example (ssh Mummy still hasn’t realised) There’s a great big hole at the end of the garden which I dug! I’m so proud of myself it’s the first one I’ve ever made! Not sure what I’ll use it for I may ponder on this and let you know later. Haha here she is home from work now, better go I need cuddles and attention. Back later folks 🙂

I Need A Bath!

The sofa is already mine, in actual fact it was mine from the first day I came home. I’m so adorable my humans couldn’t say no although I smell doggy! They have no choice, I’m there regardless (unless the the door to the lounge is closed). The human child forgets sometimes so I seize my opportunity much to Mummy’s annoyance. I’ve christened every room, even upstairs. Not happy the baby gate has been re-instated at the top of the stairs, hmmmpfff. I sleep in a crate overnight in the kitchen and don’t mess in it. My blankets have been washed and replaced with a hygenic cushion. I laughed when the next clothes wash load came out of the machine covered in my short (hard to remove) hairs. Mummy shook out every item of human clothing in the garden but I have left my mark. Dark clothing looks so good decorated with my white and tan hair. I don’t see what she’s fussing about. Mummy thinks I need a bath but I disagree. Wonder who will win I expect we’ll have a tussle in the paddling pool soon. Don’t like the idea of cucumber shampoo, whatever next .. I’ll be offered salad for dinner!

I’m So Juvenile!

Very excited about my first blog! Intoductions are important so here we go .. I’m Buddy a 5 month old Beagle puppy living in Somerset. Feeling settled in my forever home after 4 weeks I live with an older dog who finds me very annoying, he is extremely chilled out and ignores me most of the time. This leaves me free to take over which is my ultimate goal you understand 🙂 I’m very intelligent and handsome (if I must say so myself) Mummy tells me I’m stubborn but learn quickly. I hope you will enjoy reading my ramblings which may be random at times but hey ho I’m a Beagle Hound afterall. Stay tuned for more …